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Everst 1986 Everest 30 Years

Thank you to everyone for helping Chef Joho and Everest celebrate our 30th Anniversary!

This milestone could never have been achieved without the tremendous support of our guests and staff and the events of the past month were a celebration of this. Simply put, we couldn’t have done it without you.

That so many prestigious alumni returned to honor Chef Joho is a testament to how important time spent in the Everest kitchen was in shaping their culinary careers.

“The Everest Room has always been a Chicago fine dining restaurant institution.  It was a tremendous opportunity to work for Chef Joho and Thierry, both masters of French cuisine.  The discipline, the technique, and the attention to detail both front and back of house continues to influence my career today.” — Chef Paul Virant

“My time with Chef Joho at the Everest really served as my jumping off point to fine dining. The passion and dedication that he has instilled in the staff there serves as a model for me in my career. To strive for excellence every day, to maintain this rigor and dedication for 30 years is truly amazing.” — Chef Thomas Lents

As Chef Joho says, “What’s good enough for me today isn’t good enough for me tomorrow.”

Cheers to another 30 years!