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Choosing The Perfect Sugar For Your Creme Brulee

April 5, 2018

Choosing The Perfect Sugar For Your Creme Brulee


The most satisfying moment of eating a delectable creme brulee is breaking into the crisp crust to reach the delicate custard.  One might think that the caramelizing the sugar is a simple step, but we can assure you, the process is more than meets the eye.

The path to a perfectly caramelized creme brulee starts with the right sugar.  It can’t be too coarse, or the sugar will not cook evenly, leaving you with a soggy top and melting custard.  Nor can it be too thin, or the sugar will not harden into a crisp crust or worse, every chef’s nightmare – burn.   Brown sugar is far too moist and organic raw sugar is too heavy.

The best sugar to use is superfine, which can be found at the grocery store.  The texture allows the sugar to caramelize quickly and evenly, so not to affect the delicious custard.  It also provides a very simple culinary cue – once the sugar starts to brown, you know that the dish is almost complete.

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