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As Everest begins the process of slowly and safely reopening, we are taking extra precautions to ensure the safe dining of our guests.  We are committed to the following guidelines to ensure the health of our guests and staff.

-A reconfigured  dining room to ensure at least 6 feet between tables and no more than 25% capacity at any time.
-Guests are required to wear masks while in the restaurant, only to be removed while seated at your table. Staff will be in masks at all times.
-Pre-screening and enhanced services prior to arrival including a personal call from the Sommelier for wine selections.
-All guests will have their temperatures taken prior to entering the restaurant.  Any guest with a temperature over 100 degrees Fahrenheit will not be allowed to dine with us.
-All guests must confirm they have not traveled to any area on the current travel restriction list within the last 14 days

Thank you for your continued trust and support of Everest Restaurant.  We are so happy and excited to welcome you back and serve you once again.

To view our health and safety guidelines for Lettuce Entertain You, click here.

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Decanting White Wine?

May 10, 2017

Decanting White Wine?

Most people probably don’t think about decanting white wine. However, there are quite a few white wines that can really benefit from it.

Decanting allows the wine to breathe.

Decanters are designed to introduce oxygen to the wine. This allows the wine to open up, blossom and show great expression on your palate.

Decanting helps to separate the wine from the sediment.

White wine seldom has sediment, because there are no tannins. Every once in a while, a few tartrate crystals can form in older vintages of white wine  Decanting allows you to separate the crystals from the wine.

Decanting helps to bring wine to the proper temperature.

Decanting wine can help raise or lower the temperature of the wine to bring it to the proper serving temperature at a quicker rate. Be sure not to submerge the decanter into the ice when chilling down, instead set the decanter on top of the ice.

How to choose the right Decanter?

Find a decanter that is tall and narrow. The opening at the top should be small to help keep all of the delicious aromas inside the decanter.

Happy Decanting….and drinking!

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