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Everest’s Hot Chocolate by Jacques Torres

January 7, 2020

Everest’s Hot Chocolate by Jacques Torres

Jacques Torres, a personal friend of Chef Joho and an world-class chocolatier hailing from Provence, provides the first – and most important – ingredient of the decadent Everest Hot Chocolate – Cacao.

The first use of Cacao traces back 5,500 years ago.  Ceramic pots, used to melt the bean-like seeds, were discovered in southern Ecuador.  It is thought that the Cacao paste was then diluted with water and warmed over open flames, to produce the first versions of hot chocolate.

Cacao was so prized in the equatorial region of Veracruz and Mexico, that the beans were used as a form of currency until the mid 1700’s.

Travelers and conquistadors throughout history have recorded knowledge of Cocao.  Christopher Columbus wrote about trading with “almond like beans” in Nicaragua.   Hernán Cortés, who led the conquest of the Aztecs, is rumored to have brought the sweet bean to Europe.  Others think that the friars and clergymen transported the chocolate, as it was often used in religious ceremonies, as peace offerings and a sign of hospitality.

Jacques Torres’ Chocolate Factory and shops are scattered around New York City; where his chocolate confections and dreams come to life. Chef Joho and Jacques Torres both hail from France and developed a deep relationship with their craft. Jacques Torres now resides in New York, with his chocolate empire.

Order the Everest Hot Chocolate  in place of tea or coffee for an unforgettable treat to finish your meal.  Each cup is fresh and handmade to order.  Jacques Torres takes pride in creating his hand-made chocolates and we are honored to partner with him for this very special  sweet libation.  We can’t image a better way to end a wintery Chicago evening.

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