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Hosting Your Holiday Corporate Party at Everest ~ Blog Post #1

September 22, 2017

Hosting Your Holiday Corporate Party at Everest ~ Blog Post #1

The holidays are quickly approaching and it’s time to show your team how much you appreciate their dedication and hard work throughout the year.  Our special events professions have listed a few details to keep in mind when choosing the perfect location for your holiday party.

Start with the size of the event and the guest list~

Will you be hosting an intimate affair, with only your closest team members? Or, something larger, with the entire company, spouses and friends?  Determining this first piece of the puzzle will allow you to build a budget, a style and choose your holiday party venue.  Everest’s private dining rooms can accommodate groups of as few as eight guests or up to 200 reception-style, when the full restaurant is reserved.

Style of event~

To determine the style of event, you must first ask the most important question, Who are your guests?  Are they a social bunch that would enjoy mingling and a reception-style party with passed canapes and stations?  Or, is the group a bit more formal and reserved, wherein a private seated dinner and multi-course menu with wine pairings would be best?  Perhaps an interactive event, such as a wine tasting to start the evening and offer a fun and educational way to kick off the festivities.


It’s vital to determine what amenities, besides food and beverage, are most important to you and your guests.  Perhaps it’s a completely private room for intimate conversation and lots of laughter?  Or, a location that is near your office building or business. Maybe you are looking for the best view in Chicago?   What about complimentary indoor valet parking for your guests that live in the suburbs?  Ensuring that the space that you have selected is convenient and comfortable for your guests will ensure a seamless evening.

Check back for more helpful tips to plan the perfect corporate holiday party for your team in the upcoming months.  To inquire about hosting with us at Everest, call Michelle at 312-663-8920.


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