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Kids Love the View Too – Children and Fine Dining

May 18, 2018

Chef Joho’s love of food was formed early on in his native Alsace.  His best memories include being in the kitchen with his mother preparing her favorite dishes and dinner at the table with family and friends, sharing the news of the day.   On special occasions, the family enjoyed elegant meals in fine restaurants where the ingredients, flavors and presentation further piqued Chef Joho’s interest in cooking. Even as a young child, Chef Joho was taught that etiquette and manners are expected in a restaurant, such as Everest.  Our team has compiled a list of tips for introducing your children to the world of elevated dining because, it’s never too early to learn the art of fine cuisine.

For the Adults ~

  • Inform the maitre d’ that your party will have young children.  If you prefer a table in the corner or off to the side, simply make the request and they will do their very best to accommodate you.

  • Consider booking your reservation earlier in the night.  This will provide a quiet, calm dining room and less noise than in the mid-evening.

  • Share any dietary restrictions, allergies or special requests that your child may have.  If they are picky eaters, let the staff know and the kitchen will create a dish specifically for them.

  • Children are easily preoccupied or bored and we encourage you to get up and explore the restaurant.   At Everest, wonderful works of art adorn the dining room and the city skyline can be seen from every angle.

  • Brings toys or games, but remember to keep them limited as to not disturb other guests. The point of the experience is for your children to learn fine dining etiquette, allow them to be immersed in the experience.

For the Children ~

  • Napkins first!  Lay your napkin on your lap, as soon as you sit.  It you are wearing dark pants, ask the waiter for a black napkin to match.

  • It can be difficult, but be patient and wait for all of the meals to be served before eating.  It’s worth the wait, we promise!

  • Don’t chew with your mouth open or talk with your mouth full.  Guests can wait for you to finish before speaking.

  • If you need to use the bathroom, politely excuse yourself from the table.  Make sure to push in your chair when you leave!

  • When eating, bring the food on the fork UP to your mouth – not your mouth down to the food.  Eating over the plate will help avoid messes.

  • In between bites, place the fork and knife on the table in a “V” shape.  Don’t poke your sister with you knife. Never, ever.

  • When you are done with your meal (and ready for dessert!) place you knife and fork neatly to the right side of your plate.

  • When you leave, make sure to thank your waiter and everyone else who helped you at the restaurant.  I’m sure they can’t wait to see you again!

Exposing your children to unique cuisine and a new atmosphere broadens their horizons, allows them to learn social skills and grow into food adventurous adults.  We love having children at Everest and hope you will share the experience with yours. Make your reservation with us here.


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