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Sipping Through Alsace ~ The Seven Noble Grapes Featuring Vendange Tardive & Selection de Grains Nobles

July 16, 2018

Sipping Through Alsace ~ The Seven Noble Grapes Featuring Vendange Tardive & Selection de Grains Nobles

Welcome back everyone! We now have the pleasure of introducing you all to some of the most sought after, and hardest to find wines in all of the world. They even have their own AOC designation laws inside of Alsace! Welcome to VT & SGN from Alsace.

When it comes to Vendange Tardive, it will literally translate to ‘Late Harvest’. You guessed it, late harvest means that these producers pick the grapes after ripeness levels have settled and the grapes start to shrivel up. This will concentrate the sugars within the grape to a certain degree, beginning roughly at 220g.The 4 noble varietals are the only ones lucky enough to achieve this status. They are, Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris, and Muscat. Some of these wines have the classic honeyed flavor of botrytis, aka, noble rot, and have a immense impression on the palate with a noticeable elevated alcohol presence. Do not let this deter you, only lure you in!

Moving onto the Nectar of the Gods, SGN from Alsace is truly a rare treat. SGN translates to Selection de Grains Nobles. This basically means you have achieved the ultimate status when it comes to dessert wines. This is reminiscent of Sauternes and Hungarian Tokaji, but with an immense concentration of intensity and complexity. We once again introduce the four noble varietals into this style of Alsace wine, and each one will deliver its own unique flavors onto your palette! All SGN wines from Alsace are handpicked and undergo the most strickets of all laws within France in order to make it into bottle.

VT and SGN wines are the true masterpieces of Alsace. They are strenuous, time consuming, and delicately made, and we are extremely proud here at Everest to offer our wonderful guests some of the rarest styles ever made! From all four noble grapes, to VT and SGN, we happily boast many different producers and vintages of each style. Please come in and treat yourself to these rare gifts of life!

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