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Summer Dinner Series ~ Post #3

July 6, 2017

Summer Dinner Series ~ Post #3

Your summer dinner party is closely approaching. Let’s work on the most festive part, what drinks to offer to your guests. In the summer months light, cool drinks are preferred. Think of rosés, sparkling wine, sangrias or a light, fruit based punch.

Chef Joho prefers to serve a drink at the door, to set the tone and welcomes your guests into your home. He also enjoys honoring his Alsace heritage through wines and spirits. A perfect example is, Klipfel Crémant d’Alsace Brut Rosé NV. The Brut Rosé has notes of red plums, fresh raspberries, dried violets, and a lingering stoney minerality that’s refreshing. Choose wines that speak to you, it adds personality and depth to your event.

The Wine List
In our previous blog post, we mentioned that each guest will drink about one to two glasses of wine per hour. Of course, you know your guests the best, so read the crowd and determine if they’ll sway towards wine, cocktails or beer. When making your selections, try to compliment your menu. Savory dishes pair best with dryer or bubbly wines, where lighter plates pair best with bold wine flavors. Some of Chef Joho’s favorite wines are: White Boekel Sylvaner Grand Cru Zotzenberg it’s light and refreshing, great for pleasing multiple palettes, and Rosé Bandol Domaine Le Galantin. It is a blend of Mouvedre, Cinsault, and Grenache and has a delightful fresh berry fruit flavor with a crisp finish.

When selecting a cocktail for your party, choose something that’s easy for your group to make themselves. Frame a list of instructions next to the set up so that guests know how to re-create the cocktail and keep it simple. Try our Everest Signature Cocktail or keep to a classic like Chef Joho’s Alsace Negroni.

1/2 oz Wolfberger Liquer a L’orange
1/2 oz lemon juice
1/2 oz simple syrup
2 oz Baumann Cremont d’Alsace
dash of bitters

Non Alcoholic Beverages
Non alcoholic beverages are often overlooked, but should always be included in your beverage selections. Get creative! How about an infused lemonade with mint and cucumber or sparkling water with fresh blood orange juice? Add a fun and unique garnish as well; that way, everyone has a fun drink in hand during your event.

Chef Joho’s passion is making everyone feel welcome at his events. You’ve created the menu and the drink list, now it’s time to host. And if all else fails, come to Everest, we’d be happy to host you.

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