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Hosting A Summer Party ~ Decor

July 25, 2017

Hosting A Summer Party ~ Decor

You’ve sent the invitations, crafted the menu, and now it’s time  to plan the decor. The finishing touches will tie everything together for your party.

Create spaces where guests can congregate and easily mingle. If you’re hosting an outdoor party, remember to keep guests comfortable. Provide cushioned seating, bug repellent, a basket of blankets and lanterns or string lights to illuminate the space. Continue the summer theme with candles and blooms like coreopsis, marigolds, or peonies.

Decide if you’ll set a formal table or if your guests will eat casually in your space. Chef Joho likes to prepare a farm table to serve dinner outdoors. Add depth to your table by utilizing textures and layers and play with different colors and patterns. Find collectible plateware, silverware, glassware from one of Chef Joho’s favorite tableware stores in Chicago, P.O.S.H., or try mixing and matching china for a more rustic look. Keep your place setting simple with a fork and napkin on the left, while the knife and spoon will lay on the right. Place a wine glass and water glass and add finishing touches like votive candles and a floral centerpiece.

Create the Perfect Floral Arrangement
You’ll need a clear medium size round vase, sharp scissors, and summer flowers. Select flowers with longer leaves and prune the leaves off the stems. Save them to decorate the inside of the vase. Trim your flowers so they will stand comfortably without falling over the side. Curl the leaves in a circular fashion and place them inside the empty vase. Fill the vase with water and use tape to create a lattice working on top of the rim. Pro tip, this will act as a grid to place your flowers to arrange them easier. Now you can arrange your flowers and they’ll lay perfectly in your vase. Follow this step by step guide here.

How to make a Music Playlist
Creating the perfect party playlist takes some extra thought and care, the same as crafting your menu. Use Spotify or iTunes to create your own personal playlist; avoid using pre-made playlists because you can’t always control the ambiance that you’re trying to set. Avoid music that has a large fluctuation of highs and lows and find music that has a constant tone to it. This will allow it to be more in the background and keep the energy consistent throughout the evening. Select music that you don’t often hear and avoid overplayed classics. Do find music that compliments each other and that is upbeat without being loud. Songs from John Coltrane, Ramsey Lewis, and Oscar Peterson.

You’re all set to greet your guests! From the menu, music, to the food, you’re ready to entertain. Host your own party and if you ever need Chef Joho’s finishing touches, allow us to host you at Everest.

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